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Australian landscape photographer and fine art photography

Breathtaking landscape photography in Canberra

“Photography is more than a medium for factual communication of ideas. It is a creative art.” Ansel Adams

To capture the picturesque beauty of nature doesn’t require expensive gear, but a passionate heart. Australia Landscape photography in Canberra is one of the utopian places for photo enthusiasts. The region is endowed with natural beauty, which can be a very good subject in photography. The Canberra photos can then be turned into one magnificent art work, which can be one of your priceless possessions. Art lovers can have a classic piece from any of the landscape stills from the Canberra’s rural community, white coastline and more interesting subjects.

At the gallery, you can see more than 4,700 plus photos that can stir your emotions. The majority of the photos were shot here in Canberra and nearby countries. The subjects in the photographs are vast; it covers the Australian wildlife, beach and coast, bush and waterfalls, etc. Each subject was shot distinctly by Col Ellis, a professional photographer based in Canberra.

The photos at the art gallery Canberra aren’t just any ordinary photos which you commonly see elsewhere. When you look into it, the work of art brings a different form of reaction. It is spine-tingling that can make you appreciate the beauty of the nature as it interblends into the environment. Just like the photo collections at the open edition category, the “Australian Bush and waterfalls” are enigmatic. The “Bush fire victim” still portrays a lived experience that one can connect to. The blend of colors is splendid. The black tone is what you can prominently see in the frame and right at the center of all the black hue is color orange. The whole canvas as illustrated by the artist invokes one’s emotion making this still ideal to be one of the center pieces at home or in the office.

The works of Col, a popular Canberra landscape photographer, have earned him several awards beginning in the early 90s up to the present. Evidently today, his passion for photography lives on.

Ideal for gifts

The art works displayed at the gallery are ideal for a perfect gift. This kind of gift is truly classical and it knows no boundaries. All the photos from the open edition and limited-edition categories are taken in under natural light. Vividly, you can see the forms and all other essential elements in every picture taken a mark of a professionally shot photo.

Every canvas is unique that you can share with your friends. You can proudly present a photo that you love most and wrap it as a gift for your friends or simply keep it for yourself to your home décor or hang a new one. Likewise, you can donate a canvas for a cause.

The African collection photos at the gallery are an ideal gift for a non-profit organization that helps the information drive to save the endangered specie like the elephants in Africa and other places. Just like one of the elephant photos, it earned $500 during the fund-raising drive sponsored by one of the organizations for a cause in Zambia.

There are so many photos turned into one fine art which you can choose when you visit the gallery. If you want something serene and calm, you can pick the “rural and country Australia” photo selections. This is where you can select photos of windmills, old trucks and cars, county buildings and churches and rustic landscape. From these photos, you can select either black and white or colored canvas of your liking and present it a gift.

Price for quality

Seeing the high-quality craftsmanship in every photo, you can tell that the price of each is comparable to its total value. Each tag is worth its price and from their site; you can readily select the kind of material for your photos as well as the sizes that you want. The prices are meticulously studied to suit your need, by carefully choosing the material and the sizes of the canvas; you can automatically see the amount that you will pay once you add the items in your cart. The whole process is made pretty straightforward and friendly that every photo enthusiasts and art lovers can shop easily.

Landscape photography is a perfect center piece home or office décor that can calm the soul and refresh one’s mind. Visit www.gallerytwentyseven.com.au and be inspired by the works of a true Australian landscape photographer.